Hello! I'm Carissa.


I was born hearing (although slowly becoming HoH), and grew up in California near CSDR. My mom is a speech pathologist, so I grew up using Signed English, and I went back to school and got involved with the Deaf community over a decade ago to switch to ASL when I was told my son would never learn to speak. I work as an interpreter, volunteer as an advocate, and am eternally grateful for all the wonderful people the Deaf world has brought into my life.


I have four endorsements: K-5th general education, Language Arts for 6th -12th grade, Social Studies for 6th - 12th grade, and Deaf Education from PreK - 12th grade. I hold a Board of Interpreter Evaluators (BEI) Basic Certification.


I am currently working as a Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) and have a MS in Deaf Ed from Western Oregon. Before that, I put myself through Orange Coast Community College, and then transferred to UC Berkeley, where I graduated with a BA in English. I've recently completed a Graduate certificate in American History and just completed an MA in History.


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