Working with DHH students as a ToD, or in another capacity? Homeschooling, or the parent of a D/deaf or hard of hearing kiddo? Awesome! Welcome!

Lessons and information are grouped into either Deaf Culture, Audiology, or Self-Advocacy. Click the box of your choice below.

If you click here, you can see the HS level basic power-point that I use to work with some of my students (it contains some info on Deaf culture, some on audiology, and is generally a self-advocacy project, so it's available by clicking here to download.

A shorter version, geared more toward elementary-aged students, is available is you click here. The difference is mainly in regard to how much audiological information is provided, and which D/deaf celebrities are spotlighted. Again, it is available if you click here to download.

If you want to watch it as a video, here it is:


ASL Version

English Version (with captions)


ASL version above


E Learning For Deaf Kids


This website offers lessons in ASL on various topics for every grade. Take a look at the Life-Skills and Science's pretty cool.