The job you do is tough, wonderful, and not given the respect it deserves. You are truly phenomenal folks who do amazing work in your subjects, and I'm honored to be working with you all (and it makes me miss my Gen Ed days teaching Language Arts and Social Studies to middle and high school kiddos).


If you are doing CDL right now, please head over the CDL information page. It has a couple of videos and some info specific to these students in this circumstances

Continue as you were.



I'm hoping that these basic lessons on Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing kiddos and their needs will make life a little easier on you.

In order to make this easier, here's a collected page of lessons and information all summed up.

First, a poster that is helpful:

Regardless of whether your D/deaf or Hard-of-Hearing student uses sign/listening skills, please remember to Read their IEP/504. This will tell you their specific accommodations, the extent of their hearing loss, whether their loss is unilateral (one side) or bilateral (both sides) and more.

The links below will take you to tips specific to each group.


Here are some basic videos on how to do basic trouble-shooting of some of the most common assistive listening equipment, but if you're having trouble, please contact your Teacher of the Deaf for assistance and training.